Most E&P wells have raw velocity and density logs with acquisition errors in it for free. We offer two unique upgrading workflows:

- integration with cuttings and core descriptions to remove acquisition errors and repair the logs;

- integration with checkshot and VSP data to create accurate velocity and density logs from top to bottom.

The result is a trustable set of velocity and density logs (from KB down to TD) for well ties, seismic interpretation loop choice, 3D inversion and AVO. Think of the role of wells and logs in our modelling work as tires for a car: would you like to drive fast on ... flat tires? No other service company offers this quality petrophysical log upgrading work.


Next to upgraded well logs, also good quality seismic data is needed to reduce the exploration and production risks. State-of-the-art pre-stack data conditioning is applied to the seismic data.

However, don't forget to also upgrade your velocity and density logs. With seismic data functioning like the overall 3D structure and the wells as tires, would you like to be convinced by a polished up Ferrari with ... flat tires?

The result is a trustable seismic dataset to apply pre-stack inversion and amplitude versus offset (AVO) analysis on. Upgrade from class B to class A seismic succeeded!



With the two E&P data ingredients (logs and seismic data) fully upgraded, the final workflow step of (pre-stack) inversion and amplitude versus offset (AVO) can take place.

Focus in on prospective areas or go for an open-minded approach.

Result is an atlas of prospective oil and gas areas, with uncertainties. Needless to say that this part of the work needs close cooperation with the client (all disciplines from geologists to reservoir engineers).

Discussions with directors, investors, shareholders and governments on new wells and production infrastructure will become better substantiated with these outcomes. Let's thus team up together.