Vincent van Hoegaerden

(27 Years Experience in the Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy Sector)



Primal drive is to discover things and to increase the knowledge about the universe around us. By sharing that with others, one can also do that in a sustainable way. What is a mistery to others, is obvious for me and vice versa. In every decade of my working life, innovative breakthroughs (surprises) have been achieved, amongst others the discovery of new oil and gas fields.

In September 2015, I have founded the Energeophy company (a real mix of energy and geophysics) to develop this further with clients from all over the world. Let's team up together and improve our understanding of oil and gas fields! 



With 7 years of experimental physics in my backpack, I started my energy career in Shell (1988) to become a geophysicist. At NAM (the Netherlands), BEB (Germany) and Rijswijk EPTS (the Netherlands), I learned and enjoyed the 3D seismic interpretation and reservoir engineering game to the full. In 1999, I made the swith to the renewable energy market, more specific the geothermal energy sector. Installation concepts, financial constructions and the integration of cutting descriptions with well logs are just a few of the learning points in this entrepreneurial period till 2012. Since 2012 I am back in the oil and gas sector, with the focus on quantitative seismic interpretation (QI). In the 3 years with CGG and RPS (both in England), I have worked on a variety of E&P projects: Norway, Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, Somalia, India, Suriname and Trinidad. My role was to execute state-of-the-art work such as well log restoration, mud filtrate corrections, fluid substitutions, well ties, 4D seismic interpretation & analysis, pre-stack inversions and porosity times thickness calculations including uncertainties.